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Japanese Technology
Fukasawa serves industrial products
from screws to complex machieneries
All made in Japan.

Millions of Choices

We proudly deliver millions of industrial products, from tiny parts to complex machineries, all made in Japan.
With a wealth of knowledge and experience of Japanese companies, a wide variety of lineup is available, combining various materials, shapes and treatment technologies.

Custom-made Service

On top of the millions of existing options, full custom-made service is also available -- ranging from 0.5mm screws to complete machine equipments, with the precision and strength, always working toward suiting your needs.
Since 1940, we have been delivering our custom products to various industries including automobile, construction, aerospace, nuclear power and more. By using various processing methods backed up by the highest level of technology through decades of dedication, we can fulfill even the most intricate of customer demands from industry to industry.
The combination of world class craftsmanship and technology available in Japan gets you the products of finest quality.

Our artisans can proudly distinguish the genuine authenticity of things, cultivated through a long history of manufacturing. They create ingenious, exquisite products with proud technique and a sense of beauty.

On top of the craftsmanship, Fukasawa's cutting-edge "Zero-Defect" image processing system is able to detect even the slightest of difference in irregularity of formed piece among hundreds of thousands of perfect items.
We will sincerely and meticulously fulfill your request with the heart of "Omotenashi", or Japanese hospitality spirit.

We strive to pursue satisfaction beyond expectation. Fukasawa's products are always delivered with the pride of craftsmenship without compromise.
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