Custom your special parts from Japan!
We're well connected with more than 300 companies, our company
can provide your original products as you dreamed!

We are the company which supports the needs of the customer by all the industry and
is widely used.
FUKASAWA is the expert company of the conclusion part.
We are treating conclusion parts such as the resin product - the press parts generally around the screw. The technology - the information to have cultivated for many years are an architecture, an electric power plant, home electronics, a communication equipment, an illumination part including the car associated part.

Company name FUKASAWA CO.,LTD.
Established year November 1940
Office Head office - Tokyo Bunkyo Ward.
 Kanto - Saitama Prefecture Saitama-City
 Yamagata - Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata City
 Nagaoka - Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka City
Activities The design, the construction, the measurement, the sale
The handling Conclusion part general (Bolt, Nut, Self tapping screw, Washer, Lock ring, Pipe plug,Insertion nut), the Spring, the article which is made in the press (pulling-out/bend), the Wiring- material and the Screw which is made from resin, the metallic artifact, the measuring machine (using PC).
Material examples SUS (303, 304, 416, 420, 630), Al (2011, 5056),Inconel (600, 718), Ti64, unalloyed Ti/Ni, HASTELLOY, W (tungsten), phosphor bronze, all kinds invar, 47NI, The Fe PB permalloy, resin (Phenolic resin, the others),etc.


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